LVT (Low Vibration Track) ballastless track laying

The Swiss Low Vibration Track technology (LVT) by Sonneville AG is one of the advanced infrastructure solutions delivered by RSRS GmbH Railway Infrastructure Projects.

The main advantages of LVT technology are significant vibration attenuation, high maintainability due to easy access to all track components, compatibility with any widespread rail fastenings, applicability for high-speed traffic, and considerable reduction of maintenance costs.

RSRS GmbH Railway Infrastructure Projects has the competence to organize LVT block laying works, including those for railway tunnel reconstruction projects.

LVT technology was trialed by our company in Russia’s Sochi city in 2013 within rail track upgrading project in tunnels 6 & 7 on the North Caucasus Railway.
The track laying using LVT technology, which was performed in tough conditions in dense urban development, allowed to ensure the tunnel clearance suitable for safe operation of passenger two-storey carriages, eliminated the necessity for the tunnel crown reconstruction, and helped to decrease vibration impact on nearby buildings.

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