Severomujskij tunnel is the longest one on the territory of the Russian Federation (15 343 m) and the most complicated section of Bajkalo-Amurskaya railway. Currently the tunnel experiences reduced capacity due to existence of tunnel portals, freezing and destruction of reinforced concrete structures in winter and insufficient state of the heating and ventilation system and railway track superstructure. The project goal is to raise train-handling capacity of the tunnel up to 32 train-pairs per day. The goal achievement requires increase of train speed in the tunnel and reduction of train-to-train interval.

Reconstruction of track superstructure and drainage-transport tunnel shaft of Severomujskij tunnel



JSC “Russian Railways”


Russian Federation, Buryatia region, Mujskij District

Project period:

2016 – 2017 г.

Scope of works:

Design and survey works:
  • preliminary inspection
  • collecting of initial data
  • survey works
  • elaboration of general design solutions
  • elaboration of design and estimate documentation Organization of work with subcontractors Interaction with the Client Control and provision of results of design and survey works

Design solutions developed by RSRS envisage:

  • Dismantlement of both western and eastern portals and construction of adjacent vestibules for keeping warm air inside;
  • Installation of extra heat and ventilation air units in proximity to or directly in the connecting holes;
  • For making a stable main air draft flow - installation of exhausting fan in the over shaft facility of the mine access No.2 with 30 m/s3 performance. All heating ventilation units are outfitted with fans with 15 m/s3 output;
  • Train service speed increase due to track structure reconstruction engaging LVT technology which enables to avoid destruction of reinforced concrete structures;
  • Work activities in track possessions time, if closure of the tunnel is not possible.

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