Design and construction of transport infrastructure objects

RSRS GmbH Railway Infrastructure Projects performs a complex of design works for preparation of design and detailed documentation for transport infrastructure facilities, including utility and transport tunnels, as well as comprehensive project management with preparation of a full package of initial-permissive documentation under current legislation.

 Design and construction of transport infrastructure objects

elaboration of design/detailed documentation for construction of underground structures

  • railway facilities, metro facilities, transport tunnels, tunneling and microtunneling facilities for various networks and transportation pipelines, facilities built according to the drilling technology, various underground structures (pedestrian underpasses, garages, chambers, tunnels etc.), foundations for various structures.

elaboration of design/detailed documentation for construction of transport infrastructure facilities

  • railway infrastructure facilities including transport-interchange hubs, general-purpose highways, city highways and streets, road interchanges, temporary and adjacent roads, roads of industrial enterprises.

elaboration of design/detailed documentation for construction of bridge structures using both unified and individual structures;

  • elaboration of documentation for metal, reinforced concrete with conventional and prestressed reinforcement, steel-concrete composite superstructures, prefabricated and monolithic supports, foundations;
  • reinforced concrete retaining walls and reinforced soil embankments.

elaboration of specialized sections of design and detailed documentation

  • list of environmental protection measures, environmental impact assessment (including the organization of public hearings);
  • works on land utilization and preparation of urban planning documentation, services in the field of land legal relations;
  • construction master plans; - special auxiliary facilities and devices of any complexity;
  • method statements.


Along with the design of the main structure, the following works are performed:

  • relocation of communication networks;
  • reconstruction of highways;
  • land improvement;
  • environmental and safety issues of the designed facility.

When solving complex design tasks, we take into account the specifics of each individual facility, linking its constructive solutions with construction methods. In case of absence of regulatory requirements, or a forced departure from the current rules, our specialists have experience and are ready to develop special technical requirements for the design, construction and operation of the facility.

Our company possesses highly qualified specialists with long-term experience in design and construction of transport facilities and is ready to implement any complex of design works.

The main types of performed works are elaboration of design and detailed documentation for construction of both linear –type and capital construction objects.

  • implementation of a full range of design works, including:
  • participation in conclusion of contracts with the Client, participation in formation of the terms of reference for the design and development of a work plan;
  • design works; - quality control of performed works;
  • alignment of design solutions with interested organizations;
  • supervising of documentation in the state expertise agencies (until a positive conclusion is received);
  • construction design supervision.

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