Design and construction of water treatment facilities

As part of the investment program of JSC “Russian Railways” for provision of environmental safety, RSRS GmbH Railway Infrastructure Projects introduced a systematic approach to the implementation of environmental projects from the stage of forming terms of reference to commissioning of the facility. Such an approach allows to ensure full compliance with state requirements for the implementation of advanced environmental protection technologies.
This approach is being successfully implemented for the reconstruction of the treatment facilities of the locomotive depots. As a typical solution, modular wastewater treatment structures are used, which are adapted depending on the quality requirements of the treated water. The use of modular structures for wastewater treatment of industrial pollutants reduces the flow of pollutants into the general flow, which leads to a reduction in the cost of reconstruction, construction and operation of sewage treatment facilities.
You can learn more about RSRS experience in the construction of wastewater treatment plants in the « Projects section. »

Remediation of oil-contaminated soil

Another area of environmental safety, in which our company operates, is the remedation of oil-contaminated soils of railway infrastructure facilities, industrial enterprises, and oil refining complexes. RSRS specialists carry out a range of activities aimed at restoring the productivity and economic value of disturbed lands, as well as improving environmental conditions. Soil remediation is performed using microbiological methods. During remediation arrangements are being made to create optimal conditions to intensify oil-degrading properties of these microorganisms – the most appropriate moisture, temperature, aeration, and induction of nutrient substances with subsequent control of the process of destruction by microorganisms and, if necessary, repeating the procedure for introducing a suspension of microorganisms.

Also, the RSRS company disposes sewage sludge by thermal catalytic incineration. This technology allows burning at low temperatures (650-750 ° C) with no or low levels of harmful emissions.

Design and construction of water treatment facilities

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